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Are you tired of begging a family member to get that 8 legged, lurking creepy crawler.  Well then let Will~Shine Duzzit~All, come and spray your home or business to eliminate those messy unwanted pests.  In our area the potential of getting bite by a venomous spider is real. The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders bites are very capable of causing serious health conditions, especially in the elderly and young children.   As a licensed exterminator we also offer a program involving both spring and fall pesticide applications.  The benefit to spraying twice a year, is that it reduces the chance of reproduction of the adult spider to offspring hundreds of spiders annually. The pesticide is safe to young children and pets once it has dried completely, however in the liquid state it is toxic.  The application is effective immediately killing spiders and other little critters on contact and residually for about 6 weeks.

An important first step is to correctly identify the spider, as this determines which management tactics to adopt that take into account specific biology and habits. For example, if the spider is a web builder, control efforts should target its web because that is where this spider spends most of its time. On the other hand, active hunters are spiders that move about widely, and some species are most likely to contact insecticide-treated surfaces at ground level.

“Although spiders are often unpopular, the venom of most species is not very toxic to humans, usually resulting in no more than a slight swelling, inflammation, or itching sensation. Most spiders’ fangs are too small or weak to puncture human skin. Spiders usually will not attempt to bite unless accidentally trapped against the skin or grasped, although some species actively guard their egg sacs or young" (link

Two spiders that can be a health risk are the brown recluse & the black widow.


We are licensed and certified to apply pesticides by the Providence of Ontario.
Exterminator License #32053

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