Concrete Surface Sealing

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How much money have you spent on that driveway, beautiful covered patio or walkways to the garden? Do you have UV protection from the harsh sun and the abrasive elements from our long winters and wet spring?  Well it’s time to let Will~Shine Duzzit~All put that protective coating on your concrete that surrounds your investment.  We will advise you of the best acrylic polymer sealers to protect and seal the pores of your cement preserving the life of your concrete.  We also do tinted sealing to give your concrete a new look without the expense of tearing it out and re-pouring with a colored concrete.  So let us come and power wash away that dirty weathered cement and seal it again like new.

It is always recommended that new driveways and concrete pads be sealed with a “cure and seal” which is a penetrating sealer that keeps the water / elements out, while keeping water in for proper hydration and strong curing on new concrete.  After the first winter has passed a high gloss polymer sealer needs to be applied to provide the necessary protection for your concrete investment.

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