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It’s a fact that Southwestern Ontario is known for dirty pollutant air quality and smog from the refineries in the big urban cities that surround us.    All thou we are grateful for the fossils fuel production and manufacturing opportunities these cities provide, the fallout onto our properties is harsh and makes keeping our homes clean, a challenge.  Let Will~Shine Duzzit~All service keep your home sparking clean.  Our state of the art 4000 psi pressure washer with a 40 foot spray range capability will be sure to get the job done.

In this region our homes also suffer from the green algae and mold build up on the North facing side and in the shady spots.  We will eliminate the majority of this discoloration and remove the spider and cob webs from under the eaves.  No worries whether your home is vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone or stucco, we clean it all!!!!

Is your sidewalk, back patio, concrete steps, driveway, or covered deck looking weathered let us rejuvenate it for you back to new?  With over 35 years or experience with a power washer in hand, I can assure you that my experience speaks for itself to ensure scarring and tearing does not occur to your home.  A high power washer in the wrong hands can lead to a disaster by possibly destroying your home’s exterior finish. 

We will also take care of that dirty weathered wood deck, fence or shed. If cleaned improperly then u could end up with wood scarring, which would ultimately ruin what you’re trying to improve.  Leave that to us, the professionals.

Please remember there is no guarantees, but we will do our absolute best to get rid of all your stains including oil spots, rust deposits, and leaf imprinted stains.

Hey let’s not forget about all those nasty May flies which many of us refer as “June Bugs’ that completely  bombard us with black swarms covering our homes, then the skeletal remains caught in all the cob webs. 


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